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The perfect fusion of luxurious comfort and support. Try the undeniably dreamy new Lilybed Probiotic Queen Mattress for 101 Nights.

Self-Cleaning Mattress Cover With Probiotics
- Adaptive Temperature Control Fabric Technology
- 101 Night Trial To Decide – Hassle-Free Returns
- A Queen Size Mattress for a Queen

Created from a woman’s perspective, Lilybed’s one-of-kind construction uses equal parts Responsive foam and Support foam eliminating the need to choose between a soft or firm mattress. The top CoolFlow® memory foam layer adds just the right amount of pressure relief.

Lilybed® is not just a mattress,
it’s where all your dreams bloom.

Designing The Perfect Mattress For Her

Our mission led us to create the first mattress designed to cater to a woman’s needs. A stylish, well-balanced sleep surface that addressed the key factors affecting quality sleep for today’s empowered women.

Not only did our mattress have to be soft and cozy, it needed to be supportive, and keep you cool & dry throughout the night. Of course, it needed to have a hypoallergenic mattress cover, too.

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The Lilybed Mattress Design

Soft, Cozy and
Seductively Comfortable

Designed for her comfort, the premium top layer provides a gentle embrace while preventing you from sinking too deeply into the mattress so you sleep cooler and more comfortably.

We use 2 full inches of COOLFLOW® comfort foam because we are committed to giving you more of what you need for a more empowering sleep experience.

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Responsive, Flexible
and Perfectly Balanced

Lilybed is the only mattress designed with a 4 inch responsive core that adapts and responds to a woman’s exact body type, weight and shape. The result is a perfect balance of springiness and freedom of movement for you and your partner.

Our research discovered that regular one-size-fits-all mattresses did not conform as well to the natural curves of a woman’s body making them less comfortable and more rigid.

Supportive, Complementary
and Highly Durable

We designed our mattress with a “woman first” approach. Lilybed is the only mattress that uses just 4 inches of firm support foam, our research revealed it’s the perfect balance of comfort and support. This is a perfect example of ‘less is more’.

To support a woman’s body comfortably without overpowering it with firmness, we had to re-imagine how mattresses are designed from the inside out. Nearly every “one-size-fits-all” mattress uses 6 to 8 inches of Firm support foam. It is cheaper to use more firm base foam and does appeal to a larger mass market, but that was never our mission at Lilybed.

Our mission is to create the perfect mattress for women so then can wake empowered to live their dreams.

The Lilybed® Mattress Cover

Cool, Clean and Comfortable

Sophisticated and fashionable design on the outside, enhanced performance on the inside.

We have developed a mattress cover where styling and performance innovation come together to create a beautiful sleep experience.

Luxurious Woven Cover

Our cover material is a “super-stretchy fabric with a greater degree of ‘huggability’ for enhanced comfort and freedom of movement. Lightly quilted for a soft, plush feel.

lilybed mattress features purotex
Infused With Active Probiotics

It’s time for a healthier, cleaner sleep experience. We have partnered with Purotex to create one of the very first self-cleaning mattress covers. Breathe…Sleep…Enjoy your nights!

With active probiotics, applied on the Lilybed mattress, we’ve reduced the amount of house dust mite allergens by up to 89.3% and created a fresh and clean sleeping environment. Learn more about Purotex by watching the video below.

Lilybed mattress features Adaptive Finish for cooler sleeping
A Cooler & Dryer Sleep

When we were conducting our research, temperature and humidity ranked high on the list of challenges women faced when trying to get a good nights sleep. We listened and introduced the latest innovation in sleep technology to our mattress cover, ADAPTIVE.

Applied to the Lilybed mattress cover, ADAPTIVE keeps you comfortably cool and dry throughout the night and improves sleep quality. A good night’s sleep is crucial for physical and mental wellbeing, whereas a cool and dry micro-climate is essential for recuperative sleep. ADAPTIVE not only brings you cooler nights but also raises the hygiene and durability of your mattress.

Lilybed’s Adaptive Temperature Control Fabric Technology Keeps You Cooler and Dryer at Night

ADAPTIVE is an intelligent textile technology designed to help you get a cooler, dryer and more comfortable night's sleep.

Introducing The First Self-Cleaning Mattress Cover With Active Probiotics for Healthier Sleep

The Active Probiotics infused into Lilybed's mattress cover create a healthier cleaner and fresher sleep environment.

We are a passionate team of
people that love our beauty sleep!

Our team is focused on adding more quality materials that contribute to A Beautiful Night’s Sleep. We have created a business model that eliminates the middleman and retail overhead. When you compare Lilybed® to the high markup of retail or even other popular mattresses online, no one gives you more value for your money.

Plus, we really love what we do. Our goal is to make your mattress shopping experience fun and easy.

Dedicated to adding value, not cost.
Manufactured and shipped free via UPS directly to your door.
No middleman, retail markup for overhead or sales commission.
We source only premium quality materials at the best prices.