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Being a male-dominated business may have served the bedding industry well for many years—but times are changing. Lilybed is a breakthrough mattress design created to provide better sleep for today’s empowered women.

Starting with a “woman first” approach, we designed a universally comfortable mattress for nearly every body type, lifestyle, and climate.

Change your world from the minute you wake up SHOP LILYBED

Shared Stories

  • I love my Lilybed. Living on the west coast, I purchased my Lilybed from the company's website in Bennington, Vermont, last October.As a television executive, I travel over 100 nights per year, and sleep in many luxury hotels with highly-rated mattresses. The Lilybed is superior to all of these.At home, during the last 20 years, I've had 4 different high-end mattresses. None of them could compare to the comfort of my new Lilybed. I feel like the Lilybed mattress is hugging me. I am getting the best sleep I have had in years. I cannot believe the great value of this mattress, and I would like to thank the people in Bennington, Vermont, for great customer service and for making this wonderful mattress available at a great price.

    I Love My Lilybed Malachy
  • This is the best mattress we have ever owned. I didn't realize how bad our old mattress must have been until we started sleeping on our Lilybed. What a difference! I am able to sleep much longer and my back no longer feels achy when I wake up. The best word to describe it is heavenly!

    Incredible comfort Noreen
  • Our bed gives us support where we need it most but soft enough that our backs are comfortable!We have had a great night sleep ever since our Lily Bed arrived!

    Good night sleep Danielle Burke
  • I got my lilybed just before Christmas.... First of all I am sleeping wonderfully and my spouse as well. I have had 2 back surgeries so on my other bed I was waking up stiff my back hurt and I was not getting any sleep!!! I LOVE MY BED best large purchase I have made in years and the folks at Lilybed David and Ethan and everyone awesome!!! Thank you so much!

    Love my lily!!! Jeanette Schmidt
  • I replaced our old mattress with a Lilybed mattress. We bought our original mattress when we were first married and could sleep on anything. Mostly, I wanted to get something we both felt comfortable in but ended up with a mattress that neither of us felt completely comfortable in.Last fall, I broke my leg and spent a lot of time laying in bed, as I was non-weight bearing for 12 weeks. You can't imagine the things that irritate you when you are stuck in bed for 12 weeks. You notice everything. You even notice things that aren't there sometimes because you are just so bored. To boot, I am a long time sufferer of insomnia. I wanted to believe that the Lilybed could help with all of my bedtime woes but secretly, I was sure it wouldn't. I was wrong.The Lilybed exceeded my expectations in every way. It is definitely built strong enough for a man but gentle enough for a woman's body. It's the first mattress I've ever owned that took into consideration my curves and my needs as a woman. It's hard to get comfortable in bed, especially when you are wearing a cast or boot pulling your body in the opposite direction of comfort, add to that pain from surgery and a general irritated state of mind from being bed bound, I was asking for a lot out of a mattress but it did not fail.I've spent a lot of time in this bed, due to the no weight-bearing situation and after a couple months, it's still some of the best sleep I've ever gotten. The mattress is soft but firm and hugs my curves instead of working against them. My husband also says he sleeps better in this bed. So, obviously, not just for women. I love that when he gets up at 5:30 a.m., his movement does wake me up so I am actually getting not only a loner amount of sleep, I am getting better, deeper sleep.If you need your sleep and are not getting it because your mattress is not cooperating, I'd recommend a Lilybed. It will change your way of sleeping forever.

    Four Months of Bed Rest and the LilyBed Changed my Way of Sleeping Deborah


We believe that your mattress should feel as special as you are.
That’s why we created Lilybed with a “woman first” approach – because it’s time for you to wake empowered to do everything you want.


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