Our Mission:

Empower women through beautiful sleep”



Being a male-dominated business may have served the bedding industry well for many years—but times are changing. Lilybed is a breakthrough mattress design created to provide better sleep for today’s empowered women.

Starting with a “woman first” approach, we designed a universally comfortable mattress for nearly every body type, lifestyle, and climate.

Soft, Cozy and Seductively Comfortable

Responsive, Flexible and Perfectly Balanced

Supportive, Complementary and Highly Durable


From the simplicity of receiving our Lilybed mattress, watching it expand before our eyes to the restful night sleep we get each evening, I can't say enough great things about our Lilybed! It is a joy not to feel my side of the bed move every time my husband turns over. So happy to be getting a quality sleep!

by Tracey K

I was in the market for a new mattress and stumbled across Lilybed in my research. I decided to give it a go and this mattress is simply incredible. It shipped very quickly and the customer service was amazing! It unfolded onto my bed within hours and right off the bat I was very impressed with the quality. My first night sleeping I noticed how soft and plush it was, but also firm enough to keep my back supported. I sincerely cant say enough great things about this mattress and highly recommend to everyone!

by Maddy M

This is the best mattress we have ever owned. I didn't realize how bad our old mattress must have been until we started sleeping on our Lilybed. What a difference! I am able to sleep much longer and my back no longer feels achy when I wake up. The best word to describe it is heavenly!

by Noreen
  • Sleep Better, Sleep Healthy

  • Lilybed® is not just a mattress, it’s where all your dreams bloom.

Sleep Better, Sleep Healthy

Lilybed® is not just a mattress, it’s where all your dreams bloom. START DREAMING TONIGHT